Welcome to Alpha One Aviation! We are a world leader in aircraft sales, jet sales, and helicopter sales.

Alpha One Aviation  is one of the premiere aviation brokerage companies in the world.
What makes us unique is our far reaching inventory capabilities along with our unparalleled strategic partnerships and alliances. Not only do we sell aircraft, we find the best aircraft on the market to meet your needs. We will save you money during the pre-purchase inspections and entire transaction. We do more than sell aircraft, our desire is to develop a lasting relationship as your trusted aircraft broker. Our experienced staff, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada are ready to assist your aircraft purchase needs and desires.

Why use a broker to buy an aircraft?
We save you time and money. Think of the hours researching or responding to e-mails or phone inquiries… we do this for you 24 x 7. Since corporate aviation is a global market, we are also experts in multi-national transactions, customs and inspection facilities. Dedicated service, availability and integrity in our business practices make us an excellent choice to be your broker.

When should a business owner consider buying a private plane?
There are many key factors to consider: utilization, time management and cost. If you are a frequent flyer and you travel over 200 hours per year, then you should consider purchasing an aircraft.
Private aircraft ownership reduces flight time by providing point-to-point service utilizing smaller airports closer to your final destination. Companies with frequent executive travel and multi-destination trips can reduce the time of trips from 5 days to 2 days and can conduct meetings aboard the aircraft. The cost of owning an aircraft can often be determined by your corporate image, access to clients, speed, ability to seize an opportunity, act quickly and have benefits like increased productivity, quality of life and privacy.

What sort of aircraft is right for you and your company?
The highly qualified and experienced professionals at Alpha One Aviation can guide you through the complex maze of different aircraft models and manufacturers. Consider some of these questions:
•    What are your flight lengths?
How many people usually travel with you?
What type of airports/runways do you plan to travel to?
How many times a month would you travel?

Buy with Confidence

Corporate / Private aircraft bring incredible benefits to individuals and companies. Whether you are planning on buying a Boeing, Airbus, King Air, Lear, Citation, Falcon, Challenger, Hawker, Gulfstream or any other luxury aircraft or helicopter, owners and operators want the flexibility to fly where they want, when they want, and enjoy unprecedented time-savings as well as privacy and comfort on every flight. However, purchasing an aircraft is a very detailed transaction requiring intimate knowledge of required FAA closing documents, International Registry, Title services, etc. Then, there is the issue of the high dollar amount involved, financing, insurance and pilot services. We handle the aircraft for sale transaction from the offer, inspections to closing.

Buying Aircraft

For those looking to acquire an aircraft, including jet and helicopter purchases, we assist you in exploring the factors that determine what model is best for your specific needs. Considerations such as travel range, passenger capacity, comfort, and budget all must be weighed.  Prospective buyers have many options currently, and it takes the team at Alpha One Aviation to recommend candidates that properly match your requirements.